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Bingo Innovations and Remote Caller Bingo is my latest project.


Bingo Innovations, helped to change the Charity Bingo Laws in California to allow charities and non-profits to raise more money for their causes by participating in Remote Caller Bingo.  Prior to the change in California law, charities and non-profits were limited to the amount of prize money they could pay out on a singe charitable bingo game.  At the time the limit was $250.00.  This limitation put California charities and non-profits at a disadvantage when trying to raise funds for their important causes.


Thanks to the help of Bingo Innovations, California charities and non-profits can participate in Remote Caller Bingo games.  These games link "like" charities and non-profits together in linked bingo games.  As a result of having more players in a linked or remote caller bingo game, prize money is much greater and therefor player participation and interest is much greater.  This increased interest allows the participating charities and non-profits to earn more money.


Bingo Innovations uses the latest in propriety private network technologies to broadcast and manage these remote caller bingo games.  For the participating charities, the process of getting setup is as easy as having cable television installed.


The payout structure mandated by state law guarantees that the majority of the money generated by these games goes to the charity’s cause.  For me this is a win – win project.  It provides me a great opportunity to help build out and develop a private IPTV broadcast network using the latest in video, IP and Internet technologies all in the name of helping deserving charities at time when they need help the most.